Autodesk Research

We are using our own office building as a living laboratory to gain insight on how to monitor and improve building performance based on measured data collected through sensor networks. Our immediate goal is to enhance our understanding of building performance by going beyond existing data-representation strategies found in most building monitoring systems. To do so, over the course of 2009, we produced a highly detailed Building Information Model (BIM) of our office building, which integrates architectural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) data within one environment. Our motivation follows the growing trend in leveraging BIM as an effective technology in integrating, managing and maintaining lifecycle data. Our 3D model is a highly-detailed representation of the existing condition where our real-time data collection will be directly linked to local features in the BIM model. Noting that there are currently no robust guidelines on how to approach BIM for an existing building, we hope to leverage our experience into a set of best practices in this area.

To promote accelerated progress in this field, we have launched a new symposium within the SCS SpringSim multiconference in collaboration with ACM SIGSIM called the Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design and we have provided the Digital 210 King model to this community. We hope that this model becomes a valuable resource to the community of professionals and researchers interested in opportunities to extending the value of BIM into the evaluation of building performance for existing buildings.