Autodesk Research

Website launch
March 23, 2009

Welcome to the launch of our new site documenting the process of creating an advanced Building Information Model (BIM) of our building and offices of Autodesk Research in Toronto, Canada.

The purpose of creating this data set, and sharing it with the world, is to provide a solid foundation to the architecture research and to the simulation research communities with the hope of accelerating innovation in sustainable design. Buildings are the primary cause of global climate change attributable to human activity creating 48% of all Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, primarily from the use of electricity for heating and air conditioning. Here at Autodesk Research, we feel we can contribute to the solution by developing new technologies to help architects and engineers to make informed design decisions.

Our offices in downtown Toronto are at 210 King Street East near Sherbourne Street and this is where we begin our journey. We are planning to create several data sets and will share all of the data on this site. The advantage of working with a digital data set of an existing structure is that design variations and simulations can be validated against real data. Also, real usage data can be collected over a long period of time.

The quest for sustainable design will involve a diverse set of partners and expertise so please contact us and help us to redesign design.