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Data Set Research Paper as part of SimAUD: Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design
November 23, 2009

To better support the sharing of data amongst researchers working in the area of Building Simulation, the new Symposium on Simulation for Architecture and Urban Design (SimAUD) has added a Data Set Track in addition to the typical full and short paper submission tracks. As the concept of a Data Set submission is new, the Digital 210 King project will be presented at the symposium in April 2010 as an invited Data Set paper, but is available now to show the intended content of this novel type of research contribution. The invited data set contains the detailed 3D building model, the corresponding gbXML file, etc. The PDF outlines all the details of the contributed data files.


The paper Abstract is as follows:

210 King Street: A Dataset for Integrated Performance Assessment
This paper presents a Building Information Modeling (BIM) re-creation of a designated heritage building located in Toronto, Canada. By taking advantage of BIM as a centralized database, which describes both geometric and semantic aspects of a building, this model can be leveraged as a source of input for many forms of analysis. In addition to the BIM model, we present a comprehensive point cloud dataset gathered using terrestrial laser scanning technology. Based on an existing and a living building, this model is an ideal candidate for simulations that can be cross referenced with information gathered on-site.

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